A modern trend in today’s healthcare is the use of portable and handheld ultrasound scanners. These devices are taking the market by storm on account of their usable convenience. Doctors have already begun relying on these devices and have incorporated them into their day to day practice.

These devices are used for abdominal, cardiac, fetal, vascular and musculoskeletal scanning. They are very portable and can be carried from one place to another with ease. They are pretty affordable, so doctors go in for them.

The devices play a big role in various aspects:


The devices help to a great extent in cardio evaluation. They have led to a lot of detections in cardiovascular pathology. All specific answers about a patient’s condition can be derived from these devices.

Emergency Medical Services

The handheld ultrasound scanners were first put to test during the earth quake at Haiti in 2010. It proved to be very helpful and effective during this time. These were again used for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics by doctors. The speed and accuracy of these handheld ultrasound scanners in detecting issues were of much praise from the fraternity of doctors.

Obstetrics And Gynaecology

When it comes to the mother and fetus, these devices always need to be reliable. A study conducted showed that the output of a regular scanning machine and a handheld ultrasound scanner was the same. The device identified all conditions very accurately and the doctors were impressed with this performance.

Handheld ultrasound scanners are performing well up to their expectations and are beginning to redefine the entire scanning process. Since they are affordable, hospitals and clinics are beginning to replace their old scanning machines with these. Over a period of time, handheld ultrasound scanners will be a hit in the market since they have got acceptance from the medical world.