The media industry is one Of fastest expanding industries of India. It comprises different sections like picture, television, print media, songs, radio, advertising, and electronic networking:


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The film industry of India is the greatest Global. That is in accordance with the range of films produced each year. Open routes for foreign exchange and the grant of the market tag have made a fantastic effect. This is why many foreign production houses are all entering the Indian beaches.


The TV industry is valued at US$ 4.63 billion And is projected to expand from 14.5percent by 2013. With the foray of 3G on the Indian beaches, mobile TV provides a lot of promise. The DTH market can be predicted to grow by 100 percent. Additionally, TV channels, such as Pogo, Disney, Cartoon Network, Starplus, and MTV, are raising their services and products to exploit the potential of this industry further. The tv sector is projected to reach US$ 5.2 billion by 2013.

Print Media:

The printing press is also enlarging. The Newspaper and magazine market can be growing. Foreign magazines may also be making their presence felt.


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The music sector is huge in India. Currently, CDs accounts for the major share of sales. But newer forms, such as digital and ringtones downloads, are not able to rise. Digital sales are projected to the amount to 88% of their entire revenue generated. This industry is estimated to grow into US$ 164.5 million by 2012.


This really is the most cost-friendly Kind of Entertainment and has an enormous hit. Private participation in this business has emerged and reports for a major segment within this industry. This industry is currently becoming at an average of 30 percent through advertising. FM broadcasting has increased fast, and India has a total of more than 300 radio channels now.


This industry is rising quickly, with More firms looking to develop a new name for them. Advertising earnings Through television are predicted to gross US$ 3.12 billion by 2013. Not only that, Digital advertisements Latest India News Today through web and phones is also gaining momentum. Advertising Through sites of leading dailies is also anticipated to reach US$ 8.3 billion.