Free Voodoo spells Can Be found in abundance across the internet. But you want to find some spells that actually work. Voodoo charms are actually created with the aid of objects which have some “likeness” to the bigger external world to influence a change in that world. This sort of magic is often called “simulacra magic.”

An example can be granted. 1 magical He “keyed” that a figurine to that colleague and then sent that figurine to a voyage around the planet on a very slow ship. The result? Well, the victim was dizzy and simmer for a complete month (that was the period of the voyage). This is 1 case of a successful Voodoo magic charm.

Stronger Voodoo Spells

While the previous example was a minor Voodoo spell, you might want to create more powerful voodoo spells. In that case, you need to care for a few things. A lot of people have failed to realize strong results using “simulacra” magic. But this doesn’t mean that this sort of magic does not create powerful spells. If your simulacra magic is not working, then there are primarily three reasons behind it.

Voodoo Object Replica Isn’t very similar To the Outer World Thing- This means that the object you are using as a replica of the real thing isn’t similar enough for this. This may create problems for magic. The cornerstone for simulacra magic lies at the similarity of the object used in the spells to the goal of the spell.

For instance, say you need to replace an Inferior neighbour. You can’t do with some other figurine. If a neighbour is more tall, hunched and gaunt, then you’ve got to search for a figurine that resembles him. A short and fat figurine will not do. Nor would the figurine of a ballerina really do. Individuals almost always let do with the figurines, but that can be an important aspect.

The material of Voodoo Doll is Important- It’s Not enough to find a voodoo doll that is similar to the real-life thing’ it is also important to get the ideal stuff for the totally free voodoo spells to do the job. Just like in the Event of the neighbour spell, it would not be enough to get a tall and more Gaunt figurine, the figurine should also be produced of such a material that the “keying” process works properly.